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Welcome to Bangkok Stem Cells


Adult Stem Cell therapy has treated thousands of patients. It started over 60 years ago with bone marrow transplants and has now expanded to many conditions. The stem cells come from the patient ( abdominal fat ) and are used as cell therapy. Your fat stem cells can be used for Anti-aging, Osteoarthritis, and even Sports Injury, including Golf related Injury. Cosmetic and dermatological treatments, like fat stem cell face lift, that includes the neck and hands are also available. Contact us with your particular case.

Photo Activated PRP for Joints
Photo Activated PRP for Joints

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a relatively new treatment for muscular, skeletal and orthopedic pain. It utilises part of the body's natural inflammatory process to accelerate and enhance healing.

Patient Testimonials

"I was impressed with the professionalism and personal care shown by the Bangkok Stem Cells personnel during my recent stem cell procedure. First, it was a great comfort having a fellow westerner explain the recent developments in this exciting new field. Furthermore, I could tell that Brian and David were well experienced with the various clinics and doctors in Bangkok, and could steer me to the facilities which had the most experience performing the stem cell procedure according to the strict Adistem protocol. Once at the clinic, the personalized care was most welcome. I felt I was being treated by "old school" medical standards, where my personal comfort and concerns were a major focus of the doctor and nurses. The entire process was handled professionally. I can recommend treatment by the Bangkok Stem Cells group to those who might be interested."!

Will O. - December 2013

"Its been about 8 weeks since I got whole body stem cell therapy, and I am feeling more fit, sleeping better, and feeling more emotionally balanced. I also notice that my mental acuity is greater- I think quicker and more accurately in situations that call for intelligent decisions. While I dont feel the euphoria that I did during the first 4 weeks, my experience has not really changed, from what I can see, I have just adjusted to my state of being. To summarize my experience, I have better concentration, sleep, energy, recovery from physical exercise, emotional balance and a general sense of well being that I have not had this much of in years...I am 50 years old now…"!

Paul K. - May 2013

"We used to have to plan our days and what we could do based upon how my wife's knees were feeling when she woke up in the morning. It has been 11 weeks since her therapy (PhotoActivated Platelet Rich Plasma) and we don't have to worry about that any more. We no longer have to reschedule our life on a daily basis." - June 2013!

Update: "… as of now we don't even talk about her knees anymore."!

The husband of Khun S. - February 2014

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See actual medical producedure for knee injection, osteoarthritis.
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Doctor Discuss Adult Stem Cells
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