Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Stem Cell Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and adult stem cells are used to treat erectile dysfunction and for penis enhancement. Penile enhancement injections comprise the use of both platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections with immediate post injection negative pressure. This treatment is very safe and has clinical evidence for using this type of regenerative medicine in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Shockwave therapy is also used in conjunction with this treatment protocol.

PRP injections are safe and approved by the US FDA in 1987. By using your body’s platelet rich plasma (PRP), there is no risk of allergic response because it is from your own body. PRP has been used in medicine for decades. PRP is used in regenerative medicine for bone grafting and post orthopedic and plastic surgery reconstruction. In aesthetic surgery, it is used as a natural skin filler and skin rejuvenation. Additionally, PRP is used for hair restoration, post laser resurfacing, and G-spot injections for females. Hospital operating rooms have had this technology for years, originally using it for coronary bypass surgery to accelerate the healing process and formation of new blood vessels. With technological advances, the instrumentation is now available for physicians in outpatient clinics.

PRP regenerates skin, blood vessels, nerves, and growth using the stimulated platelet derived growth factors. PRP therapy results vary because every man’s genetic potential for healing is different. However, PRP therapy has the potential to increase sensation of the penile skin, improve erection, diminish inflammatory conditions of the penis (i.e. Peyronies Disease), and sometimes increase length and girth by stimulation of growth factors.

Adult Stem Cells

Depending on the severity of the erectile dysfunction, the doctor may consider using a more powerful tool, adult stem cells. The most powerful are called umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells or UCMSCs. These are obtained from a live healthy birth umbilical cord. They are isolated and selected for the best cells. These are called the " golden cells " by many in the industry. The cells are cultured in a special environment to maintain their viability. They are then moved to another plate, grown until 80% and then stopped. This is referred to as Passage 1 or P1. By not extensively cultivating the cells, they remain youthful and secrete high amounts of growth factors.


The P1 stem cells will be injected directly into the penis. Usually 3 injection on one side and 3 injections on the other side. The produce is very quick and very little pain as topical anesthetic is used to help with this stem cell treatment.  There are no stitches and the recovery time is quick for most patients.

What happen when the stem cells are injected?

The cells will release growth factors and cytokines once injected. The cells must be activated prior to injection. If this is not done there may be little or no benefit. Ask you doctor how the cells are activated, this is critical for good outcomes. Our partner doctors that provide stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction are very familiar with this process. Once the cells secrete RNA and growth factors, the local stem cells will start to divide and create new blood vessels, These new blood vessels will by pass blocked blood vessel and increase the flow of blood to the penis. They will also support nerve regeneration over time.

Shockwave Therapy

Some clinics will also combine shockwave therapy with the treatment. It is a painless procedure that makes micro trauma in the penis. It will break up calcium deposits that often block small blood vessels. This will increase blood flow to the penis. The micro trauma will also mild inflammation in the area. This will attract and cause the injected stem cells to home in on the damaged or injured blood vessels. Once in the area, the new stem cells will support tissue regeneration in the penis and help erectile dysfunction patients.