USA patient gets stem cells for back pain, Bangkok Stem Cells, Thailand

Back pain can be a constant struggle for many people. This video shows how quick and simple an adult stem cell procedure for back pain is done in less than one minute. The clinic in Bangkok, Thailand uses an inversion table to improve clinical outcomes.

Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis – Bangkok Stem Cells

The following testimonial is from a US Patient that got treatment in Bangkok, Thailand using adult stem cells. He had painful arthritis for over 20 years and was out of options.
He contacted Bangkok Stem Cells and we supported him in finding the best available treatment with clinical-grade stem cells. The pain in his hands subsided after 8 months, and he now continues to work as a divemaster in southern Thailand.

Before and after shoulder stem cell treatment, Bangkok Stem Cells

Patient from the UK discussed his adult stem cell treatment before and after for his shoulder and other joints. Pain reduction and increased mobility are the main clinical benefits. The patient used his own adipose stem cells and platelet rich plasma to heal his joints and reduce pain without surgery. Contact info@bangkokstemcells.com for more information.

UK patient travel to Thailand and discuss stem cell treatment, before and after

UK patient discusses what the adult stem cell procedure was like and how he fells before and after. Also discuss blood results related to Type 2 diabetes and lower of parameters in his results before and after stem cell treatment at Bangkok Stem Cells.

75 year old man gets umbilical cord stem cells to repair 20 year old painful knee injury

Watch a 75 year get an umbilical cord stem cell injection and joke with doctor during the procedure. The patient had chronic pain for 20 years and after 10 days the pain was virtually gone. This type of treatment is safe and available today for patients suffering chronic knee pain.