Anti-Aging, Life Extension, infinNADi NAD Therapy and Stem Cell Regenerator

The human body evolved eating large quantities of meat, over 5,000 calories on average, including a large amount of liver. This provided us with large amounts of B3 or NIACIN to help survive and fuel a large brain. We have numerous NAD+ receptors in our brain. When we age our NAD+ levels decrease causing aging and brain fog. Now, this process can be reversed with an Intravenous Infusion of high quality and pure NAD+ called infinNADi.

Why is NAD+ important to combat aging?

Nicotamide adino dinucleotide (NAD) is a crucial compound for the human body. It is involved in DNA repair, cell repair and cell metabolism to name only of few important factors that are controlled by NAD+ levels.

The level of NAD+ in the human starts to decline after puberty and declines rapidly after the age of 30. It continues to decline rapidly after menopause and into our 40s and 50s by over 50%. . This decline impacts our brain function in particular as that is where most NAD+ receptors are located. This causes memory issues, mood issues and also anxiety in many patients.

Reduced NAD+ levels also leads to the immune system of the brain to decline or fail in many people. This can lead to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. NAD+ was first used with Parkinson’s patients in the 1950s and showed some dramatic improvements. NAD+ is now available for Anti aging patients or people interested in avoiding brain related disease.

What is a treatment of NAD+ like ?

NAD+ is a very fragile and unstable molecule. It must come from a very reliable and sophisticated production lab. It is frozen and thawed right before production, maintaining the integrity of the compound.

NAD+ is administered by a simple Intravenous Infusion along with 100 cc of normal saline. It take one hour for the infusion if the patient is getting 100 mg. As patients feel the benefits of NAD+ therapy they will often increase the dose from 200 mg to 1500 mg. Higher doses require a longer infusion time from 2 hours up to 8 hours.

Some patients may feel a slight tightening of the chest during the treatment, but this often goes away quickly if the infusion rate is slowed down. Some patients also report a feeling of sea sickness for a short period of time. These side effects will disappear and stop after the infusion is stopped or complete.

What are the benefits of infinNADi, NAD+ therapy?

Patients report many different benefits after NAD+ therapy. The most common are:

  • mood improvement
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased memory
  • clarity of thought

The long term benefits include increased metabolism ( diabetes ) and cellular function ( immune ). NAD+ also helps DNA repair which reduces the risk of cancer. NAD+ is also responsible shortening telomeres which help reduce the effects aging as DNA repairs more like a younger person.