Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common issue for many adults as we age. In fact it is one of the fastest age related joint conditions for people over 40 years of age.

Treatment options for shoulder injuries are few and many are concerned with surgery and long term implications of osteoarthritis. Our purpose is to help education people on the various regenerative options available to suffers of shoulder pain. There are options such as Platelet Rich Plasma, adipose stem cells and blood stem cells. These cell therapies are safe, clinically proven and come from the a patient.

Sometimes surgery is necessary, but these treatments can also be combined to accelerate healing, reduce scar tissue and improve range of motion.


Injuries produce inflammation that occurs where soft tissue, such as ligaments and tendons attaches to bone.  Inflammation is simply the result of injury caused by mechanics or formation of bone spurs (osteophytes) or extra fluids in the knee.  Swelling may be more pronounced after longer periods of inactivity.

Shoulder pain makes everyday activities quite difficult.  It is a common orthopedic site for chronic tissue degeneration that results in moderate to severe pain. With shoulder pain one may experience stiffness, swelling and often may find it difficult even to flex the shoulder to perform tasks. Unfortunately, this is why one may eventually resort to traditional surgery. Surgeries typically involve partial or total knee replacements.

Bangkok Stem Cells offers various orthopedic regenerative therapies that use the body’s natural inflammatory process to reduce inflammation and the pain using non-surgical options that are safe and clinically proven to be effective for many patients. Sometimes shoulder surgery is a necessary option, but these therapies can also be used in conjunction to accelerate healing and lessen scaring.