About us


We are a network of individuals, clinics, doctors and scientists that are dedicated to pushing forward the biotechnology breakthroughs that are happening TODAY in medicine. We follow not only the latest published peer reviewed journals and clinical trials in biomedicine, but also follow patients to ensure the outcomes correspond with the research. We are always looking for the latest biomedicine and stem cells technologies. We also look to seek out fraud, misrepresentation, unproven claims and treatments that have neither published clinical evidence or patient case studies that verify the treatments are safe and effective.  We have been following this mission for 13 years and have traveled the world and offer this knowledge to our customers in an unbiased and truthful way. For all chronic conditions, there is a " last patient to die". Our approach is to offer a continuous source of information and speed up the search for treatments by our customers.


Biomedicine, stem cells and immunotherapies are all very new in modern medicine. We try to educate our patients on what is REAL and what is still 10-15 years in the future. This can very difficult as conservative medicine on average takes 14 years to adopt new technologies. We appreciated the safety concerns and focus on treatments that have been proven to be safe and also effective. We rely on regulators, physician and especially patients that are suffering to provide feedback so we can add these cutting edge stem cell or integrated cancer treatments to our portfolio of partners we trust and support. We have been working in this field for 13 years and have worked with patients from around the world to ensure they get access the latest and most beneficial treatments for their health needs.